Institut finlandais

Imagine Everyday! Outsider Art Finland
14.04. – 13.07.2023 at Institut finlandais

Curators: Outsider Art Festival’s artistic team (Helsinki, Finland) with Sofía Lanusse

Artists: Kalevi Helvetti, Johanna Konttinen, Satu Nekala, Riina Noro, Satu and Maria Tani

Institut finlandais in collaboration with Pertti’s Choice has the great pleasure to present a group of outsider artists exhibiting for the first time in Paris.

Their work often reflects their personal experiences, fantasy worlds and perception of social issues from nowadays, the relationship with nature and technology. Using various techniques and ingenious unique visions, Imagine Everyday! Outsider Art Finland features works representing the artist’s most lovable characters and admired superheroes: Motorist mice, nature’s strange creatures and everyday heroes living in suburbs and forests. The show is accompanied by zine magazines, music, art shop and virtual gallery.

During the opening weekend, Institut finlandais together with Pertti’s Choice invite visitors to explore short films, virtual travels to Finnish Outsider Visionary Environments as well as gastronomic joy, all designed and served by the artists!

In addition two new textile artworks by Sonja Jokiniemi will be exhibited at Institut finlandais.

In collaboration with Pertti’s Choice (Pertin Valinta), Outsider Art Festival, Autism Foundation Finland, Alvi Association, Kyrö Distillery Company, Ministry of Education and Culture Finland & Frame Finland.

Program of the opening weekend

Thursday 13 April  2023 from 6.30 PM to 8.30 PM


Opening of the exhibition Imagine Everyday! Outsider Art Finland in the presence of the artists

Saturday 15 April 2023 at 3 PM


Screening of a series of short films:

Satu and Maria Tani, Breathing Reef, 2022, 4’59

Riina Noro, Ouzo and the Strange Gold Miner, 2019, 3’14

Li Taiga and Jenni Österlund, Totem of Our Generation, 2019, 11’15

Panu “Prinssi” Palm, The Journey of the Calf, 2020, 5’29

Kalevi Helvetti, The Plague of New York, 2019, 6’40


Free entry

Sunday 16 April 2023 


from 11 AM to 1 PM True Equality Brunch

from 1.30 AM to 3.30 PM True Equality Brunch

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Portrait of Satu Nekala
Satu Nekala © Aurélien Mole
Riina Noro
Riina Noro © Pekka Elomaa
Portrait of Johanna Konttinen
Johanna Konttinen © Aurélien Mole
Artists Satu Tani and Maria Tani in front of their crochet artworks
Satu and Maria Tani © Aurélien Mole
Portrait of Kalevi Helvetti
Kalevi Helvetti © Aurélien Mole