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Together Alone - Call for applications closed
Monthly Feature: Hannakaisa Pekkala
Photographie : Hannakaisa Pekkala



Nouvelle Saison - Preview

Flowers bloom and birds sing as nature keeps to resiliently run its course and so does Institut finlandais. The announced exhibition, Nouvelle Saison (14.05 – 27.08.2020), created in collaboration with UU Market, is finding a new form online. Here is a little glimpse at what to expect from the exhibition’s selection of eight emerging artists highlighting the recent generational shift in Finnish arts and design.

Video directed by Hannakaisa Pekkala.

Carte Blanche à Laura Väre. Photographie : Aurélien Mole



We regret to inform you that due to the recent developments in the situation concerning the coronavirus COVID-19, Institut finlandais and Café Coutume closes to the public until further notice. We will keep you updated about the planning of our spring events in the upcoming days and weeks. Stay safe!

Photo: Paavo Lehtonen



The Young Designer of the Year 2020

Institut finlandais congratulates ceramist Matias Liimatainen, the laureate of Design Forum Finland’s Young Designer of the Year 2020 award! Liimatainen creates strong and original sculptural figures, jewellery and lighting from ceramics, glass and wood using self-developed techniques. The Young Designer of the Year prize is an encouragement award with the intention to support young designers in their uncompromising and unique work. The winners have demonstrated creative vision, competence, daring and entrepreneurship in the field of design and have also received some international visibility. According to the prize jury Liimatainen has a touching and strong signature style that stands out. The prize also includes a participation in IF-Studios visit program and an exhibition at Institut finlandais’ gallery in spring 2021.




On March 23rd, The Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes network launched the Together Alone project: a fast progressing open call for artists and creatives, many of whose projects were cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19. Nine weeks and 437 applications later, we have now commissioned 20 artists, creatives and collectives around the globe to reflect upon the current situation through diverse artistic practices. The chosen projects  have mirrored the major social upheavals of our times through the arts, and have bravely cultivated new forms of expression and artistic practices, and most importantly, have done so together.

We invite you to follow us on social media, to keep up to date on the individual projects.

Carte Blanche à Laura Väre, exhibition view. Photographie : Aurélien Mole.


Institut finlandais proposes a multidisciplinary programme through its various on-site events and off-site collaborations.
Image from Emilia Kuurila's MA collection. Photo: Sofia Okkonen


Institut finlandais supports the mobility of artists and other cultural professionals through the IF Studios and TelepART programmes.

Monthly feature: Hannakaisa Pekkala

During these times of virtual communication, now symbol of a world pandemic, we had the pleasure to correspond by e-mail with Hannakaisa Pekkala, designer and CEO of UU Market, a collective of Finnish artists and designers providing a new type of online selling platform. Highlighting the importance of making the most out of these difficult times to ponder on our societies and consumption habits, Hannakaisa raises societal and environmental issues of international scale, issues embodied by our new online exhibition Nouvelle Saison in collaboration with UU Market.

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