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Listen to the Forest that Grows from 26 April until 30 July
Café Maa

Located in the heart of Paris, Café Maa (“earth”) is a modern meeting place and the ideal spot to discover Finnish and Nordic gastronomy. The name symbolises the importance of nature as well as our close and humble relationship to the earth, and constitutes the ideal place to discover Finnish specialties such as rye bread, korvapuustit (cinnamon rolls) or karjalanpiirakat (Karelian pasties).

Discover carefully selected, artisanally torrefied coffees by Frukt Coffee Roasters (Turku, Finlande) and Kawa Coffee (Paris, France) as well as other beverages.


Interview with Melissa Sammalvaara

Melissa Sammalvaara is the Helsinki-based textile artist behind Café Maa’s tapestry.

Melissa Sammalvaara’s works are modern takes on ryijy, a traditional Finnish woven tapestry. Her latest work Tuohi (Finnish for ‘Birch bark’) was commissioned by Institut finlandais as part of the exhibition Listen to the Forest that Grows, currently on display at the institute.

Sanna Kannisto : Observing Eye

On 26 April, Institut finlandais will reopen with the new exhibition Listen to the Forest that Grows alongside the new Café Maa. The exhibition will present a selection of artworks, handcrafted objects and design from Finnish and Finland-based artists.

The season will celebrate the blooming of spring and the reawakening of nature after winter hibernation, embodied by bird photographs of unusual beauty by Sanna Kannisto.

Interview with Alexandra Marschan-Claude

Alexandra Marschan-Claude joins the Institut finlandais team for the creation of Café Maa (“earth”), the institute’s new café that will open to the public on 26 April 2022. Finnish and of slav origin, Alexandra has been living in Paris for thirty years and revisits traditional Finnish recipes, rich from her encounters and travels.

We took a moment to chat with Alexandra about her background, her inspirations and her motivations for the new café.