Sunday 16 April 2023 at 11am and 1:30pm

Institut finlandais’ Café Maa invites you to a moment of taste and sharing around the True Equality Brunch by chef Teresa Välimäki and Sami Helle of Pertti’s Choice on Sunday 16 April, 2023 at 11am and 1:30pm.

True Equality Brunch event brings together outsiders and insiders working in the culture and food service sector. The menu of the brunch has been created by chef Teresa Välimäki and Sami Helle, and the brunch is produced in collaboration with Pertti’s Choice, Alvi Association, and Institut finlandais. The event highlights not only the art and culinary experiences, but also Finnish equality work and the expertise of people with special needs. 

Teresa Välimäki, who is in charge of the menu, says: “The menu of the opening brunch for the Imagine Everyday! Outsider Art Finland exhibition has been inspired by the variation of seasons and locally sourced products. We hope to offer a delicious and modern experience where you can taste natural ingredients, all while respecting traditions. We cherish the real taste of the ingredients and bring something new to it. In Finnish cuisine, less is more and the focus is always on the taste. On the production side, teamwork is the most important thing and it is wonderful to be able to work with Alvi Association and Pertti’s Choice in creating this event. We hope that everyone leaves the brunch in a happy mood and is left with a fresh taste of Finnish cuisine.”




Blackcurrant-cardamom smoothie (vegan)


Potato flatbread, oven roasted carrot, harissa hummus and coleslaw (vegan)
Finnish archipelago bread (vegan)
Cold-smoked reindeer delicacy
Smoked-salmon spread
Juniper berry herring
Mushroom salad (vegan)
Roasted potato and root vegetable salad (vegan)
Beetroot salad (vegan)
Green salad (vegan)


French toast, blueberry jam, spruce bud syrup (vegetarian)
Finnish whipped porridge and mascarpone cream (vegan)
Finnish filter coffee or tea


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