Satu Nekala (born in 1970) is a self-taught visual artist and musician from Tampere. Satu’s works feature huge symbols. Satu herself is also a fan of big stars like Elvis and Samantha Fox. All of her artworks and musical compositions are made at home. Satu’s works have been exhibited in the Helsinki Art Museum, Pertti’s Choice gallery, Finnish art festivals, and the European Outsider Art Association’s charity exhibition for Ukraine.

Her whimsical series of detailed animal sculptures is crafted from clay. Discover Satu Nekala’s sculptures displayed in our gallery as part of the exhibition Imagine Everyday! Outsider Art Finland, in collaboration with Pertti’s Choice from 14 April to 13 July 2023. Nekala’s sculptures feature animals, mythical creatures, as well as world leaders.

Satu Nekala’s sculpture called Poodle
© Pekka Elomaa