Located in the heart of Paris, the Café Maa of Institut finlandais offers a selection of Finnish culinary products: 



Entirely manufactured in Finland from natural super foods, METTÄ’s herbal tea, honey and jam invites you to step into the Finnish forest.

Herbs, berries, leaves and conifers are the main ingredients of these products, capturing the essence of Finnish nature. Our selection includes the Midsummer Night herbal tea, a caffeine-free blend of Finnish wild flowers and herbs evoking the magic of Midsummer nights, the relaxation of the sauna, the tranquillity of the mökki (cottage) and the smell of wild flowers.



Finnish people are the world’s biggest coffee drinkers, with an average consumption of six cups of filter coffee per day per person. Café Maa invites you to experience this coffee culture by featuring small Finnish and French roasters. 

Frukt Coffee Roasters is a small and dedicated specialty coffee roastery based in Turku, Finland. The current filter coffee of Frukt Coffee Roasters is produced by Mario Moreno at the farm Los Andes based in Santa Barbara, Honduras. This coffee’s sweet and aromatic taste reminds of vanilla with notes of raspberries and yellow fruit paired with smooth mouthfeel and great complexity, ending with a pleasant creamy milk chocolate in the aftertaste.



As for our espresso, it is brewed with Kawa Coffee’s Buena Esperanza coffee from Guatemala. After sourcing the beans directly from the farmers, Kawa extracts all their flavours by roasting them in their Paris workshop. 


Malmgård Estate

Malmgård is an ancestral family estate located in Loviisa, Finland. The countess Kristina Creuz breathed a new life into the domain by transforming it into a place specialised in organic cereal farming and agritourism. 

Their wholegrain rye flour, cold pressed rapeseed oil and three-cereal cooking mix are available at Café Maa. Discover emmer, an ancient variety of wheat and one of the oldest cereals cultivated by humans. 


Kaavi Porcini

Add a taste of Finnish nature to your plate with the wild mushrooms by Kaavi Porcini, available at Café Maa. Their dried chanterelles and porcini are favoured by chefs everywhere, for example in the famous culinary contest Bocuse d’Or

Get inspired with recipe ideas on their website and discover our interview with Mara Svampar, founder of Kaavi Porcini.



The Hommanäs family farm makes hand-made products from natural ingredients without any added sugars or preservatives. The production takes place in the beautiful archipelago of Porvoo where everything is hand-packed. 

Their mustard, blackcurrant cordial, and berry jams are available at Café Maa.



Ideal for a sweet or savoury snack, the organic rye crackers by Åby are hand-made in Porvoo following a traditional recipe. Their long-established fabrication methods originate from a hundred year old cookbook that was found between two volumes in the library of Åby manor. 

The rye crackers can be eaten as a snack or as an apéritif, served plain or garnished following the recipes that can be found on Åby’s website.


Poikain Parhaat

The artisanally freeze-dried berries available at Café Maa are produced by Poikain Parhaat. Their dried lingonberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackcurrants are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants. The berries can be eaten as they are or added to smoothies, yoghourts, porridge, and pastries.