The exhibition takes place from 8 September to 19 November 2023 at Institut finlandais
Inauguration on September 7, 2023, from 6pm to 8pm, as part of Paris Design Week

In September 2023, the gallery of the Institut finlandais will have the honour to present the creations of an exceptional duo of creators who have gained a certain notoriety in Finland and a significant international visibility.

Today, it is listed as one of the best emerging design studios.

Juslin Maunula creates products, spaces and collections for both Finnish and international customers.

The biggest customers of Juslin Maunula include Marimekko, Artek, Kalevala Koru, Hakola and Finarte.

“In recent years, the invention of new uses for recovery materials and especially for textile waste has been the starting point for all our projects. For our recent parts durability has become an increasingly important engine. Fashion and design are changing dramatically and we need to find new work solutions. Cross-fertilization offers a greater variety of possibilities.” – Juslin Maunula

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Paris Design Week and Design Forum Finland.

It is a meticulous work that they do.

Indeed, the heart of the design process of the Jumble collection is to limit the creation to available textiles. The duo’s goal is to create visual effects of light and shadow by assembling similar colors of different luminosities from the very limited range of textiles available.

Thus, by assembling the colors and textures in proportion and adding accent colors in the seams, they managed to create beautiful pieces even from the least attractive fabrics. Their creative work offers a new life to abandoned materials through a fresh and unexpected collection.

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Juslin Maunula
photography by Ville Varumo