Linguistic Wealth is Cultural Health – Sampsa Peltonen

These days, every once in a while one runs into a populist claim that somehow Finland is forced to become increasingly multicultural. This claim is based on a false notion that Finland would have been, one time or another, a closed, monocultural and monolingual vacuum. In reality, Finland is a living biosphere nourished by a multitude of diverse elements and I would argue that its vitality results from this very diversity. Even in the earliest times, our Pohjola has been enriched by coexistences (sometimes peaceful, sometimes competitive). We have experienced migrations between the traditional territories of diverse peoples and the adoption of new beliefs, customs and languages - as well as the abandoning of old ones.

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Interview – Sasha Huber and M’barek Bouhchichi

On November 29th, 1781, somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean between the coast of West Africa and the island of Jamaica some 150 enslaved Africans are thrown alive overboard on orders of the captain of the slave-ship Zong. The ship had set sail several weeks earlier with an insured “cargo” of 470 enslaved Africans. The massacre would generate a legal battle between the ship’s owners, the Gregsons, and the insurance company, the Gilberts, and is recorded in the brief legal decision, Gregson vs. Gilbert, more colloquially known as the Zong case.

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