To mark the release of Aki Kaurismäki’s film Fallen Leaves, Institut finlandais is presenting a series of screenings of the director’s work.


The Match Factory Girl, 1990
21.09.2023 at 7pm
69’, French subtitles

The film tells the story of a young girl who works in a match factory, living a poor, lonely and ordinary life. Exploited by her family and by a man in whom she seeks her Prince Charming, she takes her revenge. The film, considered one of Aki Kaurismäki’s masterpieces, is part of the director’s Proletariat series. 


I Hired a Contract Killer, 1990
05.10.2023 at 7pm
80’, French subtitles

Henri Boulanger, a Frenchman living in London, tries to commit suicide after losing his job. His attempt fails, and he decides to hire a contract killer to finish the job. Suddenly, Henri falls in love with a woman and wants to cancel his request. The cancellation turns out to be complicated… Jean-Pierre Léaud stars in this comedy drama and director Aki Kaurismäki makes a cameo appearance as a salesman. 


The Bohemian Life, 1992
12.10.2023 at 7pm
103’, French subtitles 

Marcel Marx, a writer in difficulty, meets painter Rodolfo and composer Schaunard who also live in precarious circumstances. These three bohemian, starving artists support each other and try to make a living from their art in Paris. This adaptation of Henry Murger’s novel Scenes of Bohemian Life won the FIPRESCI prize at the Berlinale in 1992.


The Man Without a Past, 2002
19.10.2023 at 7pm
97’, French subtitles

A man is brutally beaten after arriving in Helsinki and suffers memory-loss. With the help of homeless people and a woman who works for the Salvation Army, he manages to rebuild his life. Not remembering his own name, he runs into problems. What will happen when he discovers his past identity? The Man Without a Past won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival in 2002. The film is part of Kaurismäki’s Finland trilogy, and was voted third most touching Finnish film of the 21st century by the readers of the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat in 2022. 


Le Havre, 2011
09.11.2023 at 7pm
93’, French subtitles 

The events of this French-language film take place in the port city of Le Havre. We meet the character Marcel Marx of The Bohemian Life, who is now working as a shoe shiner. While Marcel is helping a young refugee wanted by the police, his wife hides from him the fact that she is seriously ill.

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