Juha van Ingen has made his mark in the field of new media since the beginning of the 1990s, reflecting on the specificities of these technologies, from their inherent qualities to their inevitable obsolescence.  

Centre Pompidou is hosting a screening session of van Ingen’s artworks on Wednesday 9 November 2022 at 7pm as part of its 2022 “Vidéo et après” programme. After the screening the artist will discuss his work with Philippe Bettinelli, a curator of Centre Pompidou’s New Medias collection. 

“Vidéo et après” is a series of encounters with artists and art historians, offering screenings, conferences, performances, and discussions with a focus on the pieces included in Centre Pompidou’s collections. The artwork called Web-Safe (1999-2000) by Juha van Ingen has recently been acquired for the permanent collection of the National Museum of Modern Art


The programme of 9 November:

(Dis)integrator, 1992, video, 3 min 55 sec.

Ghost Rider, 2012, video, 1 min 54 sec.

Web-Safe, 1999-2000, website (212 HTML files), 7 min loop.

ONE, 2015, video, 7 min 45 sec.

Hello Everybody, 2017, video, 8 min 14 sec.

2020, 2020, video, 8 min 20 sec.


On 9 November 2022, from 7pm to 9pm in Centre Pompidou’s Cinéma 2. 

Free admission subject to availability.