During the month of March 2024, Institut finlandais is presenting a series of films directed by contemporary Finnish filmmakers. The directors in focus are Zaida Bergroth, Alli Haapasalo, Leena Kilpeläinen and Selma Vilhunen. As always, our gallery and Café Maa are staying open until the films start at 7pm. 

Programme : 

Thursday 7 March 2024 at 7pm
Girl Picture (2022)
Tytöt, tytöt, tytöt
Directed by Alli Haapasalo
French subtitles, 101′ 

The film focuses on three young women on the cusp of adulthood who are discovering pleasure and first love. Girl Picture has won numerous awards, including the Audience Award at the Sundance Festival and the Best Finnish Fiction Film Award in 2022.

Thursday 14 March 2024 at 7pm
Little Wing (2016)
Tyttö nimeltä Varpu
Directed by Selma Vilhunen
French subtitles, 100′ 

Varpu, a 12 years old girl, doesn’t know her father and is living with a mother who does not want to grow up. One day, Varpu has had enough of her mother’s immature behaviour and steals a car to go meet her father. He is not how she had imagined. How will this affect the relationship of the mother and daughter? Little Wing is Vilhunen’s first feature-length film. 

Thursday 21 March 2024 at 7pm
Miami (2017)
Directed by Zaida Bergroth
French subtitles, 119’

Miami is a crime-drama about the reunion of two sisters. The elder sister Angela works in a hectic nightclub while Anna leads an uneventful life as a waitress in a café. When Anna decides to follow her older sister on tour, Angela’s past catches up with her and their relationship is put to the test. 

Thursday 28 March 2024 at 7pm
Maija Isola (2021)
Directed by Leena Kilpeläinen
French subtitles, 96’  

This documentary film celebrates and follows the creative process of one of Marimekko’s first designers, Maija Isola. The creator of over 500 designs, including the iconic print of vibrant poppies Unikko (1964), brought an inimitable touch to the Finnish brand. 

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Curated by Irmeli Debarle. 

With the support of Embassy of Finland in France, Finnish Film Foundation, LevelK and Making Movies.