After Conversations in (2018), Choreographer Veli Lehtovaara and visual artist Eija-Liisa Ahtola’s are working together for a second time. Their new hybrid work Corpus Hubris combines dance with visual installation, mapping how dance and performative visual arts can respond to environmental concerns. The audience is invited to be part of the artwork, and move freely in interaction with the seven dancers performing the choreography.

At the heart of the project is a curiosity and empathy towards non-human creatures and their worlds, and the collision of these worlds with ours. One of the purposes of this collaboration is to emphasise how tightly we are bound to nature.

Veli Lehtovaara and Eija-Liisa Ahtila are in residency at la Briqueterie in June 2022, organised in collaboration with Moving in November Festival and Institut finlandais. You can discover a demo of Corpus Hubris on Friday 10 June at an open studios event at 19h at la Briqueterie, Vitry sur Seine. Book your free ticket here.