Leena Kouhia photographed by Heidi Strengell

Leena Kouhia is a Finnish ceramic artist whose long career includes working as a visual designer in the media and film industries. Kouhia is an open-minded designer and artist known for walking her own path. In her hands, clay transforms into ceramic art and functional objects. One of her most famous works, her Raaka Rå tableware collection from 2014, has a primitive, organic, even rough design language that has attracted attention in Finland and internationally. Kouhia makes each piece of her distinctive tableware individually. As a result, every object has its unique traits: the details of the glazing, the weight and the feel are different every time.

Kouhia holds a Master’s degree and a vocational qualification in ceramic artisanry. Kouhia’s work 100 seinäruusua (“100 wallflowers”), is part of the collections of the Finnish State Art Commission and permanently exhibited at the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.