Sanna Kannisto photographed by Juha Nenonen

Sanna Kannisto is considered to be one of the most original photographers in Finland today. Following the traditions of staged photography, scientific illustration and still life paintings, the photographer has travelled the world to portray its diverse flora and fauna. Kannisto is inspired by methods from both scientific research and art history, and she often collaborates with researchers in her projects. In her works, man-made order and wild fauna meet, offering numerous possibilities of interpretation to the spectator. Whether in the tropical forests of Latin America or the ornithological stations of Europe, the artist observes the living, stages it and questions its fragility. The way she experiences nature is directly channelled into her artistic expression. Kannisto does not simply show beauty, but sees it as a force and a means of persuasion – if art can have an emotional impact, it can also change people’s behaviour.

After graduating from University of Art and Design in Helsinki with a Masters in photography in 2002, Kannisto has received several awards including the Finnish Cultural Foundation Prize in 2012 and the Finnish State Prize for Photographic Art in 2015. Her works can be found in numerous major museum collections, including the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki.