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Monthly feature, May 2019 – Man Yau

For the Monthly portrait of May, we talked with sculptor and artist Man Yau whose works are presented in the recently opened exhibition Keep Your Garden Alive at the Institut finlandais. Man started her studies at Aalto University in the degree programme in Ceramics and Glass design. The career as a designer she aimed for soon changed its direction towards fine arts when the examination of materials conquered the pursuit of functionality. Man who is living and working in Helsinki shared her thoughts with us about the meanings of working in residency and materials, Brancusi and her future plans among other things.

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Monthly feature, April 2019 – Jaakko Kahilaniemi

In the sparsely populated Finland, there are a lot of forests around. In total 73% of the area is covered by forests, about five hectares per inhabitant. However, the Finnish national landscape of Northern coniferous forest belt is going through some major structural changes: talks about the countryside becoming empty as much as uncontrolled urbanisation. The changes also reflect strongly on the regional scattering of age structures and gaps forming between generations. What does being a forest owner, and forest in general, symbolise for the generations of today who enjoy living in downtown in rental apartments? How to deal with this changed relationship towards our dear national landscape in new ways? The Finnish artist and photographer Jaakko Kahilaniemi answered these questions among others that I had during our meeting.

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