Bringing together multiple visual and performing artists, A I S T I T / coming to our senses reveals a fragile world that is interconnected and full of nuances. When our eyes touch is the first chapter of A I S T I T / coming to our senses, a series of exhibitions and performances commissioned by the Finnish Institutes in the Benelux, France, Germany, and the UK and Ireland to explore the complexity and wonder of our sensory perceptions and how they shape us as human beings. Curators Hans Rosenström and Satu Herrala reflect on the topic of ‘senses’ (‘aistit’ in Finnish) and their physical, political and technological dimensions today. The exhibition When our eyes touch is on view at the Institut finlandais and Maison Louis Carré until August 1, 2021.

Video by Grégoire Dyer

Participating artists: Axel Antas, Laurent Millet and Dafna Maimon ; Etel Adnan, Axel Antas, Simone Fattal, Terike Haapoja, Anna Maria Häkkinen, Kapwani Kiwanga, Laurent Millet, Maija Mustonen, Laure Prouvost and Hans Rosenström.