Ville Auvinen

Ville Auvinen (born 1992) is a designer and maker working in Helsinki. In his works functionality is combined with sculptural expression. In Auvinen’s philosophy the aesthetics of an object are not so dictated by the industrial production techniques as much as the desired atmosphere and materials. His constant observation of the built environment and human action in/on it inspires him and translates into his work. In spring 2019 he worked in Mexico City where the streets were filled with all kinds of food carts made out of old and new materials. He aims to translate the layeredness of our living environments to his designs by boldly combining materials and textures.

The work of Auvinen has been shown in several finnish interior magazines and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad. He produces a line of small items and furniture in his wood workshop in Helsinki. In addition to designing furniture he is increasingly working on sculptural objects and art works, expanding his expression to new areas. His work has been supported by Furniture Foundation (2018) and Asko Foundation (2019, 2020).

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