The current pandemic has severely affected the cultural field: as projects and events have been postponed or cancelled numerous artists, creatives and collectives have lost months worth of income. In order to support artists and promote their international mobility, visibility and collaboration, the Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes launched on 23rd of March Together Alone, a fast-processing open call for artistic projects.

Nine weeks and 437 applications later the institutes, seeking artistic proposals relating to the themes of state of emergency, radical change, resilience or alone together, have chosen a total of 20 projects. Documenting both one of the greatest social upheavals of our time and reflecting on the current situation through the arts, these projects question both our way of living and communicating, in order to find new ways of to exist, to work and to secure our existences.

Here are the 20 selected projects:

First round
Across the Way With… by Shimmer Rotterdam & PUBLICS
Bodytalk by Simo Vassinen, Roope Mokka & Maria F. Scaroni
Hydra Human Hybrid by Charles Quevillon & Maija Tammi en collaboration avec Tedd Robinson
Untitled by Maria Korkeila
World Wide Window by Mikki Nordman

Second round
Care Practice: Recipes for Resilience de Ceci Moss & Jenni Nurmenniemi
Constructing a specialist network to produce knowledge and act as springboard for artistic work by Aapo Nikkanen
DEMO by Pekka Airaxin, Caterina Avataneo & Felice Moramarco
Felt the Moonlight on my Feet by Jani Ruscica, Sam Watson & Suzanna Pezo
Monitor Man in the Time of Pandemic  by Yassine Khaled
Where from Here by Lenore Malen & Samir Bhowmik
World-Body by Jenna Sutela & Ella Plevin

Third round
H-ome by Emrecan Tanis
In-between by Anna Nykyri
Out of the Flood by Invisible Flock & SubZero
Soft Variations – Online by Sonya Lindfors
Unum by Sakari Männistö
We need to talk about the future by Anne Pajunen & Psychopomp! Theatre Collective
Untitled by Caracara Collective
Untitled by Miila Westin

You can access all different projects here: ! Of course, keep an eye on our social medias not to miss a thing on the projects!