IF Screening N°25
Thursday, June 10 at 8 pm
at Institut finlandais
60, rue des Écoles, 75005 Paris

After a long wait, Institut finlandais is happy to propose its next IF Screening N°25 at the Institut on Thursday June 10 at 8 pm.

Programme :

Salle de controle de NASA. © Päivi Kettunen, napafilms.

The Other Side of Mars (Mars kuvien takaa) by Minna Lånsgtröm (2015), 56′

The documentary The Other Side of Mars (Mars kuvien takaa) by director Minna Långström is shown as part of the IF Screening No. 25. Produced by Liisa Karpo / napafilms, the documentary explains, through the eyes of various experts, how NASA images are made, used and manipulated for the use of science, but also to inform the public. The trailer of the movie can be found from here.

Synopsis :

NASA roboticist  and Curiosity -rover driver Vandi Verma works on Mars on a daily basis from her desk at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Los Angeles. 

Her work of navigating the rover in the Martian terrain relies to a large part on images and the technologically advanced use of them. The film creates a philosophical journey into the intriguing world of Mars science. Through the lenses of various experts we learn how NASAs’ images are made, used and manipulated for the sake of science, but also public information. Mars is the ideal place for an investigation into our paradoxical relationship to photography. Do images reflect reality or shape it?


PATENT NR. 314805 © Mika Taanila

PATENT NR. 314805 by Mika Taanila (2020), 2’16

The movie PATENT NR. 314805 by Mika Taanila will also be screened: the Finnish engineer Eric Tigerstedt had solved the sound film problem before the First World War. All the images and sounds in this short film were produced entirely from material that survived tests carried out in 1914.

All films are subtitled in English.

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