Monthly feature, August 2019 – Johanna Råman and Pirita Näkkäläjärvi


The texts from this article appear in our IF publication which will be distributed freely at Institut finlandais starting from 6 September 2019. Foreword by Johanna Råman Institut finlandais’ fall program offers a kaleidoscopic view into Sámi cultural life. Through the gallery exhibition, the film programming, this booklet and other encounters, the Finnish Institute in …

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Monthly feature, July 2019 – Tuomas Merikoski


For this Monthly Feature, we had the opportunity to talk with the founder and artistic director of Aalto International, Tuomas Merikoski. After years of experience in working for Givenchy or Louis Vuitton, the designer decided to create his own fashion house 4 years ago. What has become of his brand since 2015? In this interview, Tuomas …

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Monthly feature, June 2019 – Milla Lintilä


Finnish women’s clothing fashion designer Milla Lintilä, who lives in Paris, participated in Hyères, the International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion accessories in Villa Noailles at the end of April. In the 34th edition of the festival Milla won the Galeries Lafayette Award with her collection Metadance, an MA-collection she has made for Aalto …

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Monthly feature, May 2019 – Man Yau


For the Monthly portrait of May, we talked with sculptor and artist Man Yau whose works are presented in the recently opened exhibition Keep Your Garden Alive at the Institut finlandais. Man started her studies at Aalto University in the degree programme in Ceramics and Glass design. The career as a designer she aimed for …

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Monthly feature, April 2019 – Jaakko Kahilaniemi


In the sparsely populated Finland, there are a lot of forests around. In total 73% of the area is covered by forests, about five hectares per inhabitant. However, the Finnish national landscape of Northern coniferous forest belt is going through some major structural changes: talks about the countryside becoming empty as much as uncontrolled urbanisation. …

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Monthly feature, March 2019 – Miia Tervo


When Miia Tervo replies to my phone call, she tells me she is walking by Rantavitikka in Rovaniemi on her way to her mom’s place. “I have about twenty mins to talk, after that, I’ve promised to go build a snow fort.” Well-known for her short films, Miia (b. 1980) has gained more public knowledge …

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Monthly feature, February 2019 – Piëtke Visser


We are happy to introduce Institut finlandais’ new visual identity. When visiting our new website, you can discover a new logo, a custom typeface and a fresh colour palette. The mastermind behind the updated look and feel is Piëtke Visser, who currently works as the Creative Director in the design agency Kuudes, in Helsinki. In …

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Monthly feature, January 2019 – Antrei Hartikainen


Every month, Institut finlandais highlights creatives whose work sheds light on today’s Finland and France. In January, we shared a moment with Antrei Hartikainen, who is a master cabinetmaker and designer based in the village of Fiskars in Finland, and well known for his exquisite works in wood. The laureate 2018 of the Design Forum …

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Monthly feature, December 2018 – Adeline Kespi


Every month, Institut finlandais highlights creatives whose work sheds light on today’s Finland and France. In November, we shared a cup of coffee with Adeline Kespi, who is our colleague from the café Coutume Institut and has won the Latte Art Championships 2018 in France and participated to the World Latte Art Championships the same …

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Monthly feature, November 2018 – Pentti Sammallahti


Every month, Institut finlandais highlights creatives whose work sheds light on today’s Finland and France. In November, we interviewed the photographer Pentti Sammallahti whose monochrome imagery has offered us comforting sceneries already since decades; photographs that help us see and value the small, delicate details of everyday life. Pentti Sammallahti is in Paris during the …

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Monthly feature, October 2018 – Tuomas Laitinen


Every month, Institut finlandais highlights creatives whose work sheds light on today’s Finland and France. In October, we interviewed Tuomas Laitinen during the Paris Fashion Week when the fashion students of Aalto University showcased their collections at the institute. Laitinen is a lecturer at Aalto University, a fashion designer and one of the founders of …

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Monthly feature, September 2018 – Katja Hagelstam


Every month, Institut finlandais highlights creatives whose work shed light on today’s Finland and France. Lokal is a gallery and a concept store in the heart of Helsinki exhibiting Finnish art and design. Lokal is often referred to as THE place for design in Helsinki. The gallery was established in 2012 by Katja Hagelstam and …

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Monthly feature, August 2018 – Johanna Råman


This month, we sat down with Johanna Råman, the new director of Institut finlandais, and asked her a few questions. Could you tell us a bit about yourself, what is your background? My name is Johanna Råman and my background is mostly related to music. Previously, I worked in a multidimensional music event called Meidän …

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