This summer, Institut finlandais is pleased to support three performances as part of the TelepART mobility program:

Raphaël Top Secret is part of Solstice Festival’s lineup on Thursday 23 June for a funk performance in the magical atmosphere of the midnight sun. The three stages of the festival present both emerging talents and international artists amid the spectacular landscapes of Kuusamo, Finland. 

Discover Aurora Illusia’s Cantique Aquatique on Monday 4 July at l’Étang de Cieux (Cieux’s pond) as part of the 68th National Festival of Bellac in Limousin, France. This aquatic puppet show, for adults and children of all ages, explores the theme of water in a dreamlike and poetic way. Free booking is recommended. 

Xuan Le ans Elodie Allary Company’s dance performance Reflet is presented at the Full Moon Dance Festival in Pyhäjärvi, Finland on Thursday 21 July. It is a hybrid show combining contemporary dance, neo-classical dance, rollerblading, hip hop and visual arts to embody the theme of the encounter both with others and with oneself through movement. Reflet offers a visual minimalist and sensory scenography where light and sound effects are in constant harmony with the dancers. You can book your tickets online