Eva Spoof photographed by Sofia Tietäväinen

Eva Spoof is a wild clay ceramicist who makes small-scale series at Udumbara, her Helsinki pottery studio. During her youth in Massachusetts, USA, Spoof got acquainted with the Shaker movement, and inspired by its minimalist style, she started to make simple and functional stoneware pottery in 1994.

After attending the Somero II International Ceramic seminar in Kultela Brick Factory in 1999 and meeting its owner Arvo Kankare, Spoof discovered wild clay. Using the raw and delicate  material is both demanding and rewarding, with some pieces requiring months of ageing before firing. Between 2004 and 2006, Spoof’s mastery of the technique took her all the way to China where she punctually worked on ceramic projects in Yixing, Dingshu town. Today, Eva Spoof exclusively works with Finnish wild clay to make terracotta flower pots and sculptures with a simple and ethical approach.