Veera Kulju photographed by Ananya Tanttu

Veera Kulju is a fine artist and designer who works on textiles, ceramics and video, choosing her medium according to substance. Kulju believes art is a way of sustaining traditions while challenging the norms. She uses timeless techniques and materials such as clay and textile in an experimental and playful way. Kulju describes herself as a hybrid between a curious, daydreaming artist and a rational, business-oriented designer. Besides her artistic work, Kulju produces a limited series of objects made in Finland. In design, she values function and order but bases her choices on emotion and intuition. She values human contact, aims for cooperation and is a firm believer in the power of community. Aware of the frailty of our ecosystems, she also uses her work to explore the connection between nature and humanity. 

The artist is also a founding member of the so_helsinki collective, which crisscrosses the fields of design and art using analogue techniques, without shunning technology altogether.

Veera Kulju graduated from an Applied Art and Design Masters programme at Aalto University in 2010. Her work has been presented at exhibitions in Finland and internationally. Kulju worked as the visiting artist of the Arabia Art Department from 2017 to 2019. Her work is included in the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and the Finnish State Art Collection.