Five Nordic countries – five exhibition venues

The masters of the Finnish school – Timo Kelaranta, Jyrki Parantainen, Jorma Puranen and Pentti Sammallahti – are gathered in the same exhibition located in the Abbaye of Jumièges, which takes place from April 7th to June 10th.

An occasion to discover the Nordic photography scene through a selection of artists, who have been inspired by their home country and Normandy, where a part of the works was done and commissioned.

The exhibition situated in the abbatial lodge brings together a body of work inspired by the notion of landscape, yet with a diversity of signatures. The images relating to the Nordic territory vary from poetical imprints to very abstract plastic approaches.

The show is enriched by a projection of a sequence of photographies by Elina Brotherus, who was a student of two of the artists. The shots taken by her have been realized in a house designed by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto.

Image © Timo Kelaranta