Nordic Festival of the year has the look of a choreographic constellation that aligns artists and countries as stars. The program brings together smaller figures and larger ensembles, already noted creators and newcomers.

“Coming from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, these dancers and choreographers symbolize an abundance, an emulation. A discovery for many, even if this « art flow » has its strong roots. But above all, these shows may shake up many already received ideas: in their own way, these Europeans feature a common experience. Ten evenings will not be too much to go to meet this « continent » of dance. Cape to the north, then.”
Philippe Noisette

Find all the Nordic Festival programming here (in French)

In collaboration with the Royal Danish Embassy, ​​the Embassy of Finland, the Embassy of Iceland, the Royal Norwegian Embassy, ​​the Swedish Embassy, ​​the Danish House, the Finnish Institute and the Swedish Institute .

With the support of the Nordic Culture Fund, the Danish Arts Foundation and the Swedish Arts Council.


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