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Image from the film "Tiikeri". Copyright: Aamu Film Company
Institut finlandais proposes a rich program of short, medium-length and feature films of all the Nordic scenes. As part of the program, Institut finlandais organises and hosts regular talks and presentations with film industry experts.

IF Screenings events take place either in our 60-seat downstairs screening room or in other partner cinemas. The IF Screenings program provides an excellent opportunity to discover Institut finlandais, simultaneously echoing its overarching programme.

Partners in 2019:

Air d’Islande
Ambassade du Danemark en France
Ambassade d’Islande à Paris
Ambassade Royale de Norvège à Paris
AV-arkki – The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art
The Finnish Film Foundation
Institut Suédois
Reflet Medicis

PØLAR Festival

PØLAR Festival / IF Screenings 6-8

  • IF Screenings n° 6

  • IF Screenings n° 7

  • IF Screenings n° 8

Institut finlandais collaborates with the festival "La Finlande en 3 films", which will take place from March 29th to March 31st, 2019. During three days, we propose a film selection by young directors together with a program of short films by students from Aalto University. In parallel, Finnish feature films will be shown at the Reflet Médicis cinema, the organiser of the festival in collaboration with Irmeli Debarle and the Finnish Film Foundation (SES).

La Finlande en 3 films

  • "Aurora" by Miia Tervo

  • "Stupid Young Heart" by Selma Vilhunen

  • "One Last Deal" by Klaus Härö

La Finlande en 3 films

La Finlande en 3 films / IF Screenings 3-5

  • IF Screenings n° 3

  • IF Screenings n° 4

  • IF Screenings n° 5