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Photo by Aino Huhtaniemi.

Teemu Salonen

Teemu Salonen, who comes from the small municipality of Padasjoki, is a designer whose work is all about unique collectable objects. Making handmade lightings is an essential part of his designer’s identity, and he considers his works to be both design objects and sculptures at the same time. Salonen’s years of experience as a curator in visual arts and as an entrepreneur specialising in fibre-reinforced plastic influence his bold works. He is an experimental designer who is fuelled by challenges and who skillfully mixes a variety of materials and techniques, from fibreglass to ceramics. He has degrees in carpentry and craft design and sees his workshop as a place of fun, where the tacky and the sophisticated are effortlessly rolled into one asymmetrical package.

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Photos by Aino Huhtaniemi.